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Initially, I just wanted to try deodorant without aluminum because humans are supposed to sweat and I thought it was a simple way to eliminate an unnecessary risk factor for breast cancer. Then I started learning more about the ingredients that were going on and into my body. My biggest transition was moisturizer - after using a very popular brand of baby lotion since I was a teenager (if we use it on infants, it must be ok, right?), I learned about the toxins I was putting on my entire body (DAILY) and decided to start making my own. After a while, I thought I would see if I could eliminate a few chemical cleaning products without inconveniencing myself too much. The process was an evolution and eventually I had that AHA! moment when all the dots were connected and I could see the mind, body, spirit relationship brought to life through the results of my every day decisions. The more I learned, the more I wanted to simplify and move towards natural solutions.

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