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Does your mother still have to tell you to pick food up off the floor and stop writing on the walls of your bedroom and putting stickers on the windows? Your political convictions are irrelevant here. We should take care of our planet because it is where we live and we want it to be nice and clean and safe for ourselves and our children and those we love, NOT because of what any government defines or does not define. Be a better steward of the earth for the sake of goodness and nothing else.

Give your current habits an honest evaluation and use one of my handy checklists to see if there are more small steps you can take without burdening yourself.

You're still not sure what this "green" thing is all about, but you bring your own bags to the store. Sometimes. If you remember to put them back in the car after the last shopping trip...There are so many small things you can do, so get started right now!
You remember your own coffee cup and water bottle, recycle at home and you bring reusable bags shopping, but beyond that you're not really sure what more you should do. Baby step 1: click the sprout button
Awesome choices! You grow your own food in the summer, compost, buy local or organic when you can and use only recycled printer paper. What's left?
You've got this green thing locked in and go out of your way to recycle when you're out and about, you only use eco-friendly cleaning products and have sworn off magazines, catalogs and junk mail! You're already committed, why stop now?
Zen master! You're vegetarian or vegan, you make your own everything and only buy in bulk. You live zero waste and are a card-carrying Sierra Club member. Let's schedule a meetup for cleaning the beach and lunch under a waterfall!

We're not all perfect, and there is no right or wrong way to make change. Sometimes, you will have to give in to convenience, and that's ok. Every action has an impact, so do what you can today and make an effort to do a little more tomorrow. Working together towards the same goal, we can leave this place in better shape than how we found it.

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