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Ever been asked the question "Why don't you do more to help your community"? Of course not! Ask yourself, realize there is no good answer, and then pick an easy starting point:

Even if it's just 5 minutes twice a week, here are some simple ways to give back that you can easily work into your routine!
One man's know how it goes. You would be surprised how many items you discard can serve a purpose for someone else. Here's a list of what to do with that thing you would normally throw away.
Get more out of the money you donate! Make sure you know exactly what you're funding and how to make your donation work overtime.

Need something smaller? Start here:

  • Smile at your neighbors and those you pass on the street. After the initial "I feel like a crazy person" phase, you will definitely notice that 1 - most people respond in kind, and 2 - it feels really good to share your joy (even if it's fake, which is when you need joy most!)

  • Schedule family volunteer day twice per year. Have a competition to determine which family member gets to pick the type of cause or activity!

Coming Soon: Holiday Gift Guide

I started volunteering as a way to MAKE myself leave work at a reasonable hour one day a week. Having a commitment to another person made me feel good and meant I would never blow off the appointment to "finish something up". It forced me to retrain my brain, and once I realized how fulfilling it was to make a real difference for someone else I started seeking additional opportunities to influence my community. Next thing you know, I have that work/life balance thing going on, and it feels great.

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