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Besides all that fun stuff, my north star has always been education in all its forms - continuous growth through knowledge. Today there are three branches of the path I walk:

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Community Ally

Actions speak louder than words. Being close to my community is critical. I am an active member of a start-up community food co-op that will serve the North Side of Chicago soon. I hold certification as an Adult Basic Education Tutor, providing literacy coaching to those that have the courage to ask for it. It is a privilege to volunteer with local social services organizations and food pantries in a variety of functions. I believe that we are stronger as a result of each other and want to do my part to make our neighborhoods a little healthier and a LOT happier!

Wellness Advocate

We can't be at our best unless we take care of our minds and bodies. The products I use on my body and in my home are chemical-free. My food is typically locally raised or grown, minimally processed, and free of any artificial ingredients. I am more fit today in my 30's than ever before, thanks to a new found love for exercise (after MANY failed attempts to even remotely enjoy it). I take time to be aware of my emotions and reflect on how to be better to - and with - those around me (whether I enjoy them or not). Listening helps us grow, and sometimes we hear the best stories when it is silent.    

Environmental Steward

There is no Planet B. Period. Whatever your beliefs are, the natural world around us was created and continues to evolve and needs kindness and nourishment to flourish. I strive for a zero-waste lifestyle, minimize my exposure to plastic, and purchase products that have been ethically sourced, produced and transported when it is possible. The choices we make every day have an impact - you determine whether they are positive or negative. The most important thing I've learned is that you can make positive choices and still maintain a convenient, modern lifestyle.  

I want to hear your story! What drives you to make change? Where do you find resources to help aid your journey? Send me your DoGoodBeWell inspiration and let's start a new conversation!

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