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Whether you are doing a fall clean-out or just making room for something new, your items have more value than you give them credit for! Visit Donation Town to find an organization that has a need for your items and schedule a pickup, or use this list if you are looking to give specific items.  Suggest something I missed...

Clothing & Accessories:

  • ​Do a google search for "homeless shelters near me". You will be surprised how many results come back even in suburban areas. 

  • For formal wear, check with a local bridal shop to find out where their donations go. There are often programs that offer no cost formal wear to low-income teens for prom.

  • Donation bins and Salvation Army/Goodwill drops are the most convenient options but often your items are resold OR recycled for profit and don't actually go to someone in need


  • Many private doctors and chain vision centers offer recycling for sunglasses, prescription eyewear and reading glasses

  • Your local Lions Club chapter will also accept donations and sends them into a partner program

Furniture & Hard Goods: Visit Donation Town to find an organization that has a need for your items and schedule a pickup

Bed & Bath Linens: Animal shelters can ALWAYS use old towels & sheets!

Cleaning Products: Local homeless or women's shelters 

Personal Care Items: Local women's shelters for new & gently used makeup, bath and beauty products (google search "women's shelter near me")

Food: Local women's shelters for frozen foods and pantry items

Sporting Goods:​

  • Youth programs

  • Childcare programs


  • Your local library

  • Police Department - some accept donations to go into the prison system

  • Hospitals

  • Veterans Affairs Administrations

  • Community Senior Center

High Value Items:

  • Contact your favorite local charity and make a donation for a future silent auction

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