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Let's get something straight - I'm an Italian girl from New Jersey - I LOVE FOOD! I'm not, and never have been, on a diet, mainly because my brain is not wired that way. I had to change my habits, and after time, I learned how to make the lifestyle changes enjoyable. Every body is different, but if you are looking to feel better, a natural diet has the fastest impact. NOTE: Consult your doctor or licensed medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise or medical treatment programs.

Some things you can do today:

  • Drink more water. And then more. 

  • Eat more fresh garlic. The list of health benefits garlic delivers is long. Garlic is cheap, goes with most any cuisine, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Pop some mint leaves after

  • Stop buying things that come packaged in a bag/box. Think about what our ancestors had - plants + animals + fire. Very few items with a nutrition label came from nature.

  • Make your own food whenever possible. If you have to eat out, make the best choice - the simplest option with the fewest possible additives. My partner is a chef - they sneak in all kinds of ingredients to create that amazing dish

  • Ditch the microwave! If you aren't willing to part with it yet, just attempt to use it less. Reheat coffee on the stove, pop those leftovers in the oven or reheat them in a skillet. The debate about microwave safety and nutrition will rage on, but why take the chance? 

  • Know when to buy organic and when you can save the extra $

  • Switch to butter from grass-fed cows and ditch the soy/almond/whatever isn't milk milk.

  • Make a plan to cut alcohol and sugar. It sucks, but they are both secretly depleting your body of what it needs, even in small quantities. I started by saying I would not have more than 3 drinks in one week, and then I got into a competition with myself. Now I'm down to once about every 2 weeks and every time I have a cocktail it is with amazing company and for a very good reason.

Coming Soon: Clean Eating Recipies
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