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It is such an exciting time for natural makeup! The market has responded really well to demand for transparency in ingredients and manufacturing processes. 

What I've learned so far: ​

  • Mascara is tricky to produce without all of the chemicals. There are only a few quality brands out there. So far, my favorite is Zuzu, but I'll keep trying others. Don't expect to find a waterproof natural mascara

  • Buy from a local manufacturer if possible

  • Be cautious of the major brands advertising natural

  • Make sure you know every ingredient - plant based is best!

  • Au Natural is my current choice for foundation, eyes and blush. The brand has a great story and is made farm-to-face in Green Bay, Wisconsin (within 200 miles of my home in Chicago)

  • Don't be afraid to email and ask for samples until you find a match - the worst they can say is no, or many smaller brands will offer a sample size under $10

Check the safety of your favorite products: EWG or GOOD GUIDE
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