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Shave & scent have been the easiest transitions to make. 

What I've learned so far: ​

  • Schmidt's deodorant is AMAZING; they offer sample packs, sustainable packaging and a subscription service! Don't be fooled by some of the other "natural" brands available on store shelves.

  • Switching from disposable razors to a safety razor was super simple and is a HUGE money saver! I recommend this razor for women; a shorter handle and slightly heavier weight for men. It will take about 20 years before I've spent the equivalent of 1 year's worth of disposables. PS - don't forget to recycle the blades!

  • It's true! Shaving cream is not necessary. There are plenty of natural recipes out there if you want a separate product, but I like to use my body wash as my shaving lubrication

  • You can easily make your own perfume (or cologne) by combining your favorite essential oils

Check the safety of your favorite products: EWG or GOOD GUIDE
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