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Leaving on a jet plane

Hiya!!! My flight to Barcelona is TONIGHT and I am so excited. These last few weeks have been so emotional and busy - thank you to everyone for all of your support, encouragement, and questions!

I am walking the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela. Assuming all goes well, I will continue on the Camino Finisterre so that I can take a swim in the ocean. More than 1,000 KM (600 miles). Timeline TBD, estimating 5-6 weeks. Everything I need I will carry on my back or get from friends I meet along the way. I'll sleep in hostels, and probably splurge on a hotel room every now and again. I'll eat as the camino provides food to me through cafes and farms and friends. It will be a simple life, and it will be enough.

Here is what my pack will hold:

"This is supposed to be a happy occasion..." - Mom

This trip will absolutely be magical and fun and satisfy some of my wanderlust. Many of you probably think I'm just on an extended vacation. I'm so looking forward to falling in love with a country and a culture. But to me, this trip will be very cathartic, and will provide the cocoon I need between caterpillar and butterfly. I don't intend to only share the good things with you - if you're interested, I hope I find the courage to share every part of my journey. There will be hard days, when my legs don't feel strong. There will be harder days, when my heart does not feel strong. There will be days filled with wine fountains and sheep and cheese and I'll feel like I'm in heaven. I need your love and support and good wishes for every part of it.

Yesterday I thought I lost two very important things: a special gift from a close friend, and my rock - a symbol of why I'm doing this Camino (the rock will be placed before the Iron Cross at the highest point on the trail). I've held it together pretty well these last few months, but all the sadness and fear and anxiety came out in one ridiculous meltdown. After I gave up hope, I found both items. The world was right again. I was whole. This is a part of my journey, just as much as the beautiful scenery and wonderful people I will come across.

As part of the move from Chicago, I also found something very meaningful. These scallop shell earrings that I have had since I was a little girl. I will wear them across Spain and be proud of the woman I have become.

Please comment or post - Buen Camino is the traditional pilgrim greeting, and the more I hear it the more motivated I will be!

With love and peace,


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