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Zen for the Season!

It's officially the holiday season, and you are probably wondering when you will have time to breathe again. Remember that YOU are the only one that needs everything to be perfect - keep perspective. Here are a few general wellness tips to help manage through the madness.


Love 'em or leave 'em?

Remember when hosting your family for the holiday was fun and glamorous, and you got to sip brandy with everyone in front of the fireplace while the kids quietly play a board game across the room? NO ONE DOES! Stop feeling guilty about wanting to strangle your kids/husband/in-laws/mailman/stranger in the grocery store, and do something about it!

90 seconds. Set your timer. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. THINK about the things you are thankful for this holiday season. Not a thinker? Fine, write it down. Do this at least once a day, and put it on your calendar if you need to. Try it first thing in the morning, or right before bed. You can spare 90 seconds - it's a gift to yourself.

You will IMMEDIATELY notice a difference in the way that you react to things and the way that you treat people - you've changed your mindset! So often we start our days with the panic list of all the things we have to get done and we just go through the day like robots, running and doing and running and doing. Stop. Think. Do different.


I don't have time to get sick right now...

Take care of yourself. You know what you need to do to stay healthy. Let me remind you:

#1. Get more rest this time of year. Stop trolling Facebook until 2 am (because you were too busy during the day, when you normally troll).

#2. Drink lots of water, especially if you're drinking more booze.

#3. Eat the right things. Don't let Betty in accounting ruin your eating plans - her cookies will NOT change your life. Save the treats for the REALLY special days, and stop making exceptions every few hours. You should absolutely indulge in mom's famous pie or whatever makes your heart full, but you can't do it at every meal for the next 30 days and expect to feel good. Remember to give your body clean nourishment!

#4. Be REALLY present. Participate in your life! Stop just WATCHING the kids play, and get down there with them. Remember how nice it was to decorate the tree all those years ago, and then do it. Plan a walk or a drive to look at the holiday decorations. Distract yourself, even if just for a moment, from that crazy to-do list. Some research shows that chronic stress lowers your immune system. Every day between now and the New Year would qualify as chronic...

#5. If you do get sick, take more time to rest. You can be sick for a day or two and then get back to your list, or you can be miserable trying to complete your list while you are sick for 2 weeks. Sleep. Garlic. Water. Chicken Soup (not from a can, the sodium may cause dehydration. Phone a friend and ask for a soup delivery!).


Fit it in!

Find a way to keep active. Your body is naturally going into winter mode - cold weather, less sunlight, less nutrient-rich food availability. This is the most important time to ensure you keep yourself moving, so if you can't fit a full workout in every day, try and include extra movements into your daily routine.

*Step touch while you fold laundry

*Pump each dish in the air as you load the dishwasher

*Run up/down/up the stairs before you wake the kids/tuck them in

*Sprint to the mailbox

*Stretch while you watch the news or recap the day with your partner (check out my favorite stretches here)

*Dance party dinner prep


Keep your cool and have a blast with the people that matter.

Until next time!

- Cris

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